Decode the Code with Stack Hack
A Python programming and Full-Stack Web Development course
Stack Hack combines the personalized and flexible aspect of tutoring services with the structure and organization of a full computer science course. We begin with the fundamentals of programming and progress quickly onto more sophisticated concepts such as recursion and object-oriented programming and then for the remainder of the course we learn full stack web development. The primary language that we will be working in is Python.
What You'll Get
Our one-on-one tutoring-style teaching allows our students to move at their own pace and get the most out of each session.
After learning the core programming concepts, we move on to full-stack web development. Students who complete the course will have built a fully functional blogging site.
Connection with peers facilitates learning. At Stack Hack we use a tool called Slack to create a platform for our students to discuss and share what they have learned.
We designed Stack Hack so that students can begin course sessions at any point in the summer they want, and come to sessions during the weeks where they have the time.
Our students will have unlimited access to videos and exercises created for every topic covered in this course.
Why Python?
Python is a powerful and versatile language that can be used for just about anything: data analysis, web servers, game development, machine learning, and more. In fact, it's one of the official programming languages used at Google.
Python is also the first programming language taught to computer science students at many of the top universities in the country such as Stanford University, MIT University, Carnegie Mellon, Rice University, and many more. This is because the Python code reads very much like English, so students don't needlessly get bogged down in complicated syntax, which allows the focus to be on learning to think and reason in a computational way.
def compute_squares(numbers):
    result = []
    for num in numbers:
        squared = num ** 2
    return result
This is an example of some very basic Python code. It takes in a list of a numbers, and returns a list of those numbers squared:
[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5] -> [1, 4, 9, 16, 25]
As you can see, the language is very readable.
Session 1
Fundamentals I: Functions, Variables, Types, Conditional Logic
Session 2
Fundamentals II: Lists, Tuples
Session 3
Fundamentals III: For-loops, While-loops
Session 4
Fundamentals IIII: Dictionaries, Sets
Session 5
Iterable Methods, Lambdas
Session 6
Recursive Functions, Sorting
Session 7
Object-oriented Programming I
Session 8
Object-oriented Programming II
Session 9
Version Control with Git, Github, Command-line tools
Session 10
Understanding Web Servers, Routing, and Python Flask
Session 11
Serving HTML files, CSS styling, Bootstrap
Session 12
HTML templates using Flask, HTML forms, User input
Session 13
Databases, User Accounts, API endpoints
Session 14
Posting, Pagination, Deploying site to Heroku
Any students who attend just one session, will still have access to all of our videos, exercises, and Slack online community for discussions.

We have the following pricing options:
Pay By Session
Price : $60 per session
Take as many sessions as you want, and just pay for each one as you go.
Core Concepts: 8 sessions
Price : $450 flat rate
This package includes all the core concepts sessions.
Web Dev: 6 sessions
Price : $350 flat rate
This option is designed for students that already have experience programming, but want to build practical skills in full-stack web development.
Core Concepts + Web Dev: 14 sessions
Price : $750 flat rate
This package includes the core concepts sessions and full-stack web development sessions for a total of fourteen sessions.
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